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Hi – I’m Caroline and welcome to my website Cheeky Daddy. I am a wife, mum of two boys, Certified Accountant and lover of life.


I started Cheeky Daddy because I noticed a number of my friends as well as my husband, struggle in various areas of parenthood once they become new dads. Its true that all new parents struggle in one way or another especially in the early years of parenthood.  However, the main difference between the new mums and new dads was the amount of information and support available to new mums in contrast to the limited information available to and for new dads.

Did you know that at minimum 10% of men will be affected by postpartum depression and this number may be higher due to underreporting.

So I have created this space to fill some of that gap in order to provide good, relevant and evidence-based information that will help new dads, heck, help as many new parents as possible but with a special focus on the dads. 

I hope you find it helpful to you on your journey in parenthood. 

The benefits of having a good father or male role model in a child's life should not be dismissed. These benefits range from having a positive self-esteem, emotional stability, lessons in respect and boundaries and positive lessons in masculine empathy and compassion.

Our Mission

Here at Cheeky Daddy, our aim is to better equip new dads in new parenthood by providing current, evidence-based and authentic information to support to new dads.

We believe that with the right information, support, and general advice, men who are about to enter into fatherhood as well as those who have already entered fatherhood can be prepared to be able to cope with all the changes that occur when your baby comes along.  

Our team is made up of a fun crew of fathers, mothers, grandfathers, and all round good people who believe in the importance of good fathers or male role models. 

Our mission is to help you enjoy and thrive in fatherhood.

Above all. You got this.  

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