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A New Dads Guide to 8 Must-Have Baby Gear Items

Congratulations mate, you’re about to become a dad! While entering parenthood is incredibly exciting, it can also be downright baffling. If you’re thinking “Help, what baby gear do we need? Never fear, this dad’s got your back. I’ll break down the baby gear basics, featuring top Aussie brands, so you can focus on more important things, like perfecting your dad jokes and dance moves.

1. The Pram – Your Mobile HQ

When it comes to baby gear, the pram is your most critical purchase, acting as a portable command centre loaded with all bub’s daily necessities. The ideal pram is safe, comfortable for Baby, and easy to steer one-handed, so you’ve got a free hand for other baby-related tasks.

Brands like Bugaboo, Valco Baby, and Steelcraft offer high-quality prams designed right here in Australia. Look for a model with puncture-proof tires, adjustable handles, a large storage basket, and a reversible seat so Baby can face you or the world. Added features like snack trays, rain covers, and adjustable suspension make life easier.

Pro Tip: Seek out a pram that quickly collapses into a compact fold so you can chuck it in the boot without any swearing moments.

2. The Car Seat – Safety First

The first big-ticket baby item you’ll need is a rear-facing car seat, which is required by Australian law for all babies and toddlers under 6 months to 4 years old depending on size. When your little one is born, he’ll rely on the car seat as his main mode of transportation any time you head out.

Leading Aussie brands such as Britax, Steelcraft and Safe n Sound offer car seats designed to comply with national safety standards. Look for models with a five-point harness, side impact protection, and an easy installation system that securely anchors the seat in your car.

Pro Tip: Opt for a convertible car seat that can later switch to a forward-facing seat, getting you more bang for your buck.

3. The Crib – Sleeping Soundly

Choosing baby’s crib is an exciting milestone in preparing bub’s nursery. This key piece of furniture needs to be safe, durable, and comfy. When selecting a crib, ensure it meets Australian safety standards. Opt for an adjustable mattress height and look for smooth, rounded corners. Brands like Boori, Lifetime, and Tasman Eco offer quality cribs designed and made locally.

Pro tip: Look for a crib that converts to a toddler bed so you can keep using it as your little one grows. An added bonus is picking a model that matches your nursery’s decor.

4. The Baby Carrier – Wearing Your Little One

A baby carrier allows you to snuggle your mini-me close while keeping your hands free for playtime, chores, or grabbing a bottle of milk. When choosing a carrier, consider Baby’s age and size along with your preference for wraps, slings, or structured carriers.

Brands like Ergobaby, LÍLLÉbaby, and Baby Bjorn make popular carriers supported by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute for healthy hip positioning. Seek out padded, adjustable straps and breathable fabrics for baby’s comfort.

Pro Tip: Try the carrier with Baby inside the store to test comfort and fit for both of you. Bonus dad points if you rock a stylish carrier!

5. The Highchair – Mealtime Magic

At around 4-6 months old, your baby will start sampling solid foods requiring a safe, secure highchair. When selecting a highchair, seek out sturdy construction with a restraint system, crotch post, and footrest for stability. An adjustable, upright seat and removable tray also come in handy.

Trusted Australian highchair brands include Boon, Infasecure, and Stokke. Look for a style that wipes clean easily and compactly folds away when not in use.

Pro Tip: Choose a highchair with grow-with-me features like height adjustability so you get years of use.

6. The Baby Monitor – Your Extra Set of Eyes

A baby monitor acts as your parenting sidekick, allowing you to hear and see your little bundle while in another room. Monitor options range from audio-only to high-tech video displaying sound, movement, temperature, and more.

Leading brands like Uniden and Motorola make top-notch monitors so you can find the right fit. Must-have features include long-range, clear night vision, temperature sensors, and talkback communication.

Pro Tip: Opt for a monitor that connects to your smartphone so you can check on Baby from anywhere. Some even soothe fussing babies with lullabies!

7.The Nappy Bag – Outing Essential

When prepping for time outside the house with your mini adventurer, don’t forget the nappy bag stocked with all the gear needed for outings. A quality nappy bag should fit all Baby’s supplies and personal items while staying organized with pockets and compartments. It needs to be durable, wipeable, and easy to tote.

Stylish Aussie nappy bag brands include Jeep, Crumpler, and Petunia Pickle Bottom. Clever features include stroller straps, pocket folders for documents, and cushioned changing pads.

Pro Tip: Opt for a backpack nappy bag to keep your hands free for holding your lil’ ankle biter.


8. The Baby Bathtub – Bathing Bliss

Bath time will become a delightful daily ritual with Baby’s first tub tailored to newborns. When selecting a baby bathtub, look for a model that fits snuggly in your big tub or sink with a non-slip surface, contoured seat, and side support. Local brands like Boon and Shnuggle offer great bathing options.

An adjustable recline, drain plug, and hook for hanging after drying are handy inclusions. To extend use, pick a tub with two recline positions suitable for infants to toddlers.

Pro Tip: Opt for a foldable portable tub for both home and travel bathing. This will make your baby’s bathing routine smooth sailing no matter where you are!

And there you have it with this Dad-approved list of baby gear must-haves, you’ll be fully prepped and ready to take on parenthood. Just remember, the best baby gear on the planet is your big heart, sense of humour, and snuggles. Now get ready to fall head over heels for that little bundle of joy coming your way. Congrats!

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