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A Heartfelt Guide to Being Your Partner’s Rock During Labor

Alright dads, the big day is approaching! You’ve been to all the birthing classes, packed your hospital bag, and now it’s time to bring your best supportive energy for when labour starts. Whether this is your first baby rodeo or your fifth, being there for your partner during labour can seem daunting. But fear not – with the right mindset and a little humour, you’ve totally got this! Here are some key things all awesome labour coaches need to know.

Support Pregnant Partner1. Check your Calm

When the contractions start kicking in, emotions are going to run high. While Mum is understandably focused on getting through each intense contraction, try to stay Zen-like. Breathe deeply and keep a cool, collected composure. This helps Mum feel more at ease knowing you’ve got a level head on your shoulders. No need to panic – just focus on listening actively and following her lead on helpful comfort measures (back rubs, ice chips, etc.). Keeping yourself chill is labour coaching 101.

2. Pack Patience

Labour can take anywhere from a few hours to days, depending on each unique situation. You’ve likely heard horror stories of marathon labouring. While you’ll want to be an encouraging cheerleader, save the pep talks for between contractions. During intense periods, soothing affirmations work better than high fives (“You’ve got this honey! One more big push!”). Patience will serve you well when coping with unexpected delays, hitches in “the plan” or a slow dilation process.

3. Be a Broken Record

When the pain really starts surging, Mum isn’t going to want to have a deep philosophical chat. Stick to simple mantras of support, repeating them through each contraction. Phrases like “Breathe through it, you’re doing amazing” or “I’m right here with you” work wonders. Keeping verbal prompts consistent yet calming provides comfort and predictability during intense rounds of contraction madness.

4. Take Lead from the Pros

Let the nurses and doctor guide you on the best ways to assist. They’ve got a ton of experience supporting labouring folks, so take their advice on positioning, encouraging techniques or vital signs checking seriously. Your role is to follow instructions and help Mum feel safe, cared for and in control throughout her journey. Trust the medical staff to tell you how to optimally pitch in.

5. Loosen up with Humour

A little lightheartedness can go a long way in breaking the tension. When things get intense, busting out a silly voice or joke (if Mum is on board) may provide much-needed relief. Self-deprecating humour shows you’re not taking yourself too seriously either. Taking the pressure off with giggles reminds both of you that you’ve totally got this, even when the contractions mimic that scene from Alien.

6. Feed the Fierce Queen

Between pushing stages, snack breaks fuel Mum’s strength. Even if she only wants ice chips, stay stocked on her preferred picks. Hydrating is key, so ladle those chips like they’re caviar. Pregnancy cravings don’t stop after birth either – stay one step ahead catering to any middle-of-the-night feedings she desires post-birth. Like a true queen, Mum deserves to be spoiled, pampered, and have her Royal commands obeyed during this time.

7. Bask in the Afterglow

Once that sweet peanut arrives, help Mum cradle her new love and join in the rush of emotion. You made it through the marathon together! Whether you cried through it or kept flexing mental strength, sharing in Baby’s first moments as a proud new father makes all the pain, sweat and exhaustion worthwhile. Celebrate each other, knowing the challenges only brought you closer as a family. You joined the esteemed ranks of labour coaches for life! High-five yourself for a job well done.

With plenty of compassion, humour and gratitude, you’ve got what it takes to thrive besides your partner through this incredible journey. Stay anchored in your supportive role however she needs, find reprieve with appreciation for each other, and before you know it, you’ll be reminiscing about all you overcame as a loving team. Together, you’ve got this!

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